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Niels O. Schiller

Professor of Psycho- and Neurolinguistics


  • Amanda Post da Silveira (13-12-2016) “Word stress in second language word comprehension and production” (Radboud University, Nijmegen) (“Promotor” [supervisor])
  • Qian Li (10-02-2016) “The Production and Perception of Tonal Variation. Evidence from Tianjin Mandarin” (Leiden University) (“Promotor” [supervisor])
  • Junru Wu- Tonal Bilingualism. The case of two closely related Chinese dialects. 22 July 2015. Promotores: Niels O. Schiller, Vincent van Heuven; Co-promotor: Yiya Chen
  • Anne M. van der Kant - Neural correlates of vocal learning in songbirds and humans cross-species fMRI studies into individual diferences. 28 January 2015. Promotores: Niels O. Schiller, Annemie van der Linden; Co-promotor: Claartje Levelt
  • Jurriaan Witteman - Towards a cognitive neuroscience of prosody perception and its modulation by alexithymia. 18 December 2014. Promotores: Niels O. Schiller, Vincent van Heuven
  • Jessie S. Nixon - Sound of mind. Electrophysiological and behavioural evidence for the role of context, variation and informativity in human speech processing. 14 October 2014. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller; Co-promotor: Yiya Chen
  • Kalinka Timmer - A cross-linguistic investigation of the onset effect in reading aloud: No need to mope about the MOPE. 26 September 2013. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller
  • Jun Lai - The Learnability of Center-embedded Recursion: Experimental Studies with Artificial and Natural Language. 26 February 2013. Promotores: Niels. O. Schiller, B. Hommel; Co-promotor: F.H. Poletiek
  • Daniil Umanski - The use of technological support in communications disorders. 18 september 2012. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller
  • Rinus Verdonschot - Word processing in languages using non-alphabetic scripts. The cases of Japanese and Chinese. 12 May 2011. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller; co-promotor: Wido La Heij
  • Stefanie Pfeifer - At risk for psychosis. Exploring cognition as intermediate phenotype. 17 February 2011. Promotores: Jim van Os & Niels O. Schiller; co-promotor: Lydia Krabbendam
  • Teresa Schuhmann - The what and when in brain stimulation. Studying language production and deception with optimised neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulation. 3 June 2010. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller; co-promotor: Alexander T. Sack
  • Lesya Y. Ganushchak - The nature of the verbal self-monitor. 12 march 2008. Promotor: Niels O. Schiller
  • Joana Cholin - Syllables in Speech Production. 16 June 2004. promotor: Willem J.M. Levelt; co-promotor: Niels. O. Schiller