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Tonal bilingualism

tonal2PhD student: Junru Wu
Supervisors: Yiya Chen, Vincent van Heuven and Niels O. Schiller

My research focuses on how bilingual individuals of closely related Chinese tonal dialects handle two tonal systems in perception, comprehension, and production, with a focus on the role of tones in lexical access.

  The project covers the following topics: how cognitive and sociolinguistic backgrounds influence the tonal systematic correspondence between the two related dialects, the interlingual mapping of tonal categories and its impacts on lexical and semantic access, tonal similarity effect in bilingual lexical access, tonal variability in bilingual mental lexicon and lexical access, the role of tone in automatic bilingual visual word recognition.

    The data in this project are all collected in the field, using phonetic and psycholinguistic experiments. The data are acoustic and behavioral in nature. I use Praat scripts to mark the corpus and extract phonetic parameters in a semi-automatic way. The main modeling methods used in this project are linear mixed-effect modeling and generalized additive modeling, implemented in R.