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The time course of orthographic and phonological facilitation in Chinese speech production (China Scholarship Council).

chineesPhD student: Man Wang
Supervisors: Yiya Chen and Niels O. Schiller

My current research project is “Orthographic and phonological facilitation in Mandarin Chinese word production”, granted by NWO and CSC.

Orthographic and phonological facilitation effect, together with semantic interference effect are two effects observed in a picture-word interference (PWI) paradigm. PWI, widely used to study the cognitive process involved in speech production, is a variant of the Stroop task. In a PWI task, a participant is asked to name a picture and to ignore a superimposed distractor word. Because in alphabetic languages, the orthographic and phonological similarities are confounded, as a logographic language, Chinese has been employed the study these two effects in isolation. The current research aims to indentify the time course as well as the relative contribution of these two effects in the process of speech production.

Picture: A functional model of picture naming with word distractors in Chinese (Zhao, La Heij & Schiller, 2012)